Colombia’s prosecutor general on Monday clarified that notaries who choose to give the title of “marriage” to same-sex couples will not be committing a crime, nor will they be subject to disciplinary action.

Questions had been raised as to whether same-sex partnerships,  permitted by law as of June, 21, would be recognized under the title of “marriage” due to the ambiguity of the future law.

Prosecutor General Eduardo Montealegre explained that modern law is open to various interpretations and it is left up to the official, in this case the notary or judge, to decide how to interpret and implement the law. The prosecutor added that in the case of same-sex partnerships, it will be left up to the notaries to decide whether or not it is appropriate to use the title of “marriage.”

After Congress struck down the gay marriage bill in a vote of 51 to 17 against the proposal on Wednesday, same-sex couples will automatically be entitled to have their partnerships recognized before a notary or judge from June 21.

Source: Colombia Reports