quinuaColombian will be added this month to the celebrations for the International Year of Quinoa (AIQ), with a program to promote the consumption of that food across the country.

The National Committee in charge of this mission will release on Thursday its proposals for promoting that crop born in the Andes, during a meeting that will be attended by the representative from the International Committee and ambassador of Bolivia AIQ, Marioo Carvajal, and Secretary of AIQ, Tania Santivañez, among others.

According to organizers, the idea is to promote at the national, regional and local level the benefits of quinoa, grown by Bolivians, Preuvians, Ecuadorias, Colombians, and Chileans for more than 5,000 years.

There are many farmers and indigenous groups producing the so-called golden grain in departments like Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Cauca and Nariño and the festivities are expected to improve their production and consumption.

The United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) declared 2013 athe Year of Quinoa in honor of the Andean peoples “who have maintained, controlled, protected and preserved this grain as food for present and future generations through traditional knowledge and practices of living in harmony with Mother Earth and nature”.

The aim is to focus world attention on the nutritional value of this food and the important role it can play in eradicating poverty and hunger.

Las February 22 celebrations of the grain began in several countries in the region, such as Bolivia and Ecuador.

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