The Colombian government insisted on ignoring the existence of political or war prisoners in the country, and still refuses that the imprisoned insurgents be visited by a humanitarian group.

In Colombia, there are no political prisoners, Justice Minister Juan Carlos Esguerra said, quoted by a local radio station in response to Brazilian pacifist Socorro Gomes, whos pointed out that the government should guarantee the people’s rights.

Gomes, president of the World Peace Council, noted that in Colombia there are political prisoners because there has been a political conflict for more than six decades.

The Brazilian pacifist, one of the inspectors for the release of the 10 soldiers held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), said that the guerrilla group had complied with the releases.

The Colombian government must now establish political negotiations on the conflict, Gomes said, adding that authorities should allow a humanitarian team to visit the imprisoned guerrillas in the country.