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Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin announced in a press conference Tuesday that eight Colombians have been injured in two separate car accidents and 10 detained for alleged robbery, illegal firearm possession, and fighting.

According to the Minister, eight Colombians were involved in two separate car accidents but have been taken to clinics for attention and are in stable condition.

The Minister also added that 10 Colombians have been detained. There has been a case of robbery, another of illegal firearm possession, and a few of fighting, according to Minister Holguin.

“For the quantity of Colombians that are in Brazil, this is a very minor issue,” declared the Minister, adding that “the consulate is following the cases” and “has provided legal council.”

Colombians have showed up in astounding numbers to watch Colombia play in a World Cup for the first time in 16 years. The Belo Horizonte Stadium in Brazil for the Colombia versus Greece game was filled with the bright yellow jerseys of Colombian soccer fans.

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According to Holguin, Colombia’s mobile consulates have been providing service to all citizens requiring assistance and the ministry is following the cases of hospitalized and detained citizens very closely.

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