Colombia is the happiest country on earth, according to a recently released poll by WIN/Gallup International Association.

The Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness measured the happiness and hope in 54
countries around the world. According to the survey, inhabitants of Colombia are almost twice as happy as the world average.

World’s happiest countries: Colombia,  Malaysia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Philippenes, Finland, Azerbaijan, Peru, Switzerland and Iceland.

Happiness in the South American country has increased according to the survey that last year ranked Colombia the world’s sixth happiest country.

In regards to economic hope, Colombia ranked 17 out of 54.

Inside Colombia, inhabitants of the Caribbean city of Barranquilla were the happiest, followed respectively by Medellin, Bucaramanga, Bogota and Cali.

Inhabitants of the United States proved significantly more pessimistic than Colombians, ranking 22 in terms of hope and 31 in terms of happiness.

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