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Colombia farmers and human rights rights groups came out in objection Wednesday to a reform of state land grant in Congress that they say will lead to “land accumulation.”

The reform currently being considered in Congress attempts to modify a 1994 law that protects state-owned lands for rural workers, and instead will open the lands up to all types of use, including business interests. They criticize the law, saying it will serves the interest of multinational corporations over Colombia’s rural farmers.

Intermon Oxfam Director Aida Pesquera said the reform would not be positive for the country.

“The great problem is that accumulating land plots will not be healthy for the country and will not generate sustainable nor inclusive development,” said Pesquera. “This is precisely the kind of situation that caused the armed conflict.”

Furthermore, the opponents argued the reform would go against peace accords from talks between rebel FARC and the government, where they sealed a consensus to combat unequal land distribution.


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