The Peace Commission of the Congress of Colombia called today for a bilateral ceasefire required for the on going talks between a government mission and the FARC-EP in Havana, Cuba.

Polo Democratico Party Rep. Ivan Cepeda stressed on the relevance of the ceasefire and warned that an eventual suspension of the dialogue may spark violence. If they fail to arrange peace, we at least expect partial humanitarian accords.

Peace Commission co-President Joaquin Camelo said the process is at a critical moment, by his judgement, in need for a mediator and any of the countries involved -Norway, Cuba, Venezuela or Chile- “may play a determining role in bringing the process back on track.”

However, President Juan Manuel Santos refuted Thursday all chances to “humanize” the war and announced tougher operations against the FARC-EP guerrillas.

“There will be no mercy whatsoever, despite the dialogue, the generals and everyone knows they are to triple their efforts to end this war.”