Firemen in Tumaco, Nariño (Photo: TV Mar Tumaco)

A large-scale tsunami drill that aimed to evacuate 18,000 Colombians and 25,000 Ecuadoreans was initiated Thursday by National Police, the armed forces and the Colombian Civil Defense.

The drill, coordinated by Colombia’s National Disaster Risk Management Unit, began in the city of Tumaco, on Colombia’s Pacific coast and sought to evacuate civilians from 10 municipalities in Colombia and 14 municipalities in neighboring Ecuador.

Colombia has been simulating natural disaster response drills since 2005 due to the relatively high level of tsunamis that are created in the Pacific Ocean. Colombia’s Pacific coastline has encountered 4 tsunamis since the start of the 20th century, the most destructive of which was in 1979 when 500 people lost their lives.

Colombia’s last tsunami drill was performed on its Caribbean coastline in 2011

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