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Due to bad weather conditions, eight airports in different parts of Colombia were closed on Tuesday, five of which remained closed on Wednesday.

The country’s aviation agency Aerocivil said on Tuesday that as a result of unfavorable weather conditions eight airports in Colombia were temporarily closed.

Two of the country’s main international airports in Medellin (Rionegro) and Pereira suspended outgoing flights. However, the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Medellin (Rionegro) was reopened at 9.30AM on Wednesday.

Other airports shut down for the time being were Corozal and Monteria in the north, Girardot and Ibague in central Colombia, as well as Popayan and Pasto in south-west of the country.

More airports in the country operate with restrictions.

In its 10 AM report on Wednesday, Aerocivil announced five airports remained closed: Girardot, Ibague, Manizales, Pereira and Pasto.

Aerocivil recommends patience as it expects Tuesday to be “a particularly difficult day in terms of air operations.”

The airports are expected to remain closed or operate with restrictions for the rest of the day.


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