america-cantatA 500-voice choir opened the doors to the 7th International Choral Festival in America Cantat, to be held in Colombia with the participation of groups from more than 20 countries of Latin America, Africa, Australia and Europe. The opening gala took place at the old Plaza de Toros of the city, with capacity for 14.500 spectators, built in 1931 and declared a national heritage in 1984.

Songs like Son de la Loma, by Cuban composer Miguel Matamoros, and the Colombian cumbia La Pollera Colora, in choral adaptation by Alberto Carbonell, gave life to a tradition born in ancient Greece, whose essence, enriched with the contribution of modernity, remains alive and fresh.

The itinerant festival, hosts about 1.300 singers this year, including children’s groups. At the same time, workshops to exchange experience related to the various forms of the genre: the gospel or black spirituals songs, folk and the new contemporary Latin American wave.

For one week, until March 30, the choirs will be part of a party of 36 free concerts in conventional spaces such as theater and churches.