Colombia’s Ministry of Culture is aiming to host a record-breaking dance party during celebrations for the International Day of Dance — with the help of Grammy Award-winning singer Carlos Vives.

The goal is to host nation-wide parties, making the celebration the world’s largest- coordinated dance event.

April 29 will see Colombians groove to traditional favorites, such as the cumbia song, “La Pollera Colora” (The Skirt Blush). Vives will perform at the main event in Bogota’s Media Torta, according to newspaper Dario La Opinion.

Colombian-born Vives has a passion for his country’s cumbia that notably influences his hugely-popular music.

“Cumbia is a gift from Colombia to the world and it’s here to stay,” he told the paper. “So it is important to remind the world of its origin and the diversity of the people it represents. La Cumbia tells our stories, our sorrows and our joys.”

“The goal is for the public to appreciate the value of dance in human development and to commemorate the date World Dance Day was  established by UNESCO in 1982,” said Angela Beltran, the coordinator of the National Dance Plan at the Ministry of Culture.

The week prior to the event will be filled with special artistic programing at dance schools and academies, colleges and universities, RCN Radio reported.

The Ministry of Culture will post locations and details of the events on its website: