Colombian police arrested three alleged gang members in separate operations in the departments of Valle del Cauca and Tolima, authorities said on April 25.

One of them, known as “Soldado,” allegedly became a member of Los Urabeños after leaving Los Rastrojos.

The suspect allegedly was in charge of Los Urabeños’ micro-trafficking of narcotics in Alcalá, where he was apprehended. He’s suspected of being involved in a homicide, narco-trafficking and helping several inmates escape Cartago prison in 2011.

The suspect arrested in Mariquita in Tolima, who is known as “Hamburguesa,” allegedly is a member of Los Rastrojos.

The final suspect, who also is known as Macario, was taken into custody in Buga in Valle del Cauca. He is an alleged member of Los Rastrojos.

Los Urabeños and Los Rastrojos are rivals engaged in a bloody turf war for control of the narcotics trade. The names of the alleged gang members haven’t been made public.

Meantime, the Colombian Army’s 30th Mobile Brigade dismantled a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Antonio Santos Mobile Column campground where explosives and detonators were made in the department of Norte de Santander.

The campground was in the Hacarí area, north of Santander, and could accommodate 15 guerillas. The Army, which seized 15 kilograms of R1 explosives, 40 kilograms of gun powder and several detonators, said it also found a landmine field with six explosive devices planted.

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