COLOMBIA NEWS – Colombia coach José Pekerman admitted their quarter-final clash with Brazil was out of control after a staggering 54 fouls between the two teams.

Pekerman admitted there was friction between the two teams after Brazil progressed to the World Cup semi-final against Germany in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday.

Brazil won 2-1, but the game was frequently interrupted by the incredible number of fouls committed.

The Colombia coach said: ‘There are good players on both teams and when that happens you create friction because of the competitiveness.

‘Each one wants to win the dual and that leads to friction. It is not wise to play a game like this, but the tension was very high.

‘Brazil needed to win the game. There was a lot of intensity and that interrupted the game.

‘Good players can still be faulted, sometimes there is no continuity. We sort of lost momentum because of that friction.

‘There will always be decisive moves where a set piece can open up the game. That can lead to a divided game and doesn’t allow you to have freedom.’

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