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City workers found an ancient indigenous tomb last Friday while repairing an aqueduct in the southern neighborhood of “La Colinita” in Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin, reported local media this weekend.

The tomb is said to belong to the indigenous tribe of the “Aburraes” who inhabited the area between 900 and 1540 until the Spanish arrived upon South America.

Pablo Aristizabal, archeologist from the University of Paris who investigated the scene, said that the deceased must have been of high rank because of the ornate burial gifts found in the tomb.

These included 13 wheels for weaving, two nose-rings made of gold, several pieces of ceramics, and lots of coal.

The archeologist suggested that the tomb seemed to be part of a cemetery of the ancient indigenous culture in “La Colinita” because other tombs had been found nearby.

The Secretary of Education and Culture, Claudia Restrepo, stressed the cultural importance of this discovery for the city of Medellin.

She confirmed that there would be surveillance of the site to protect it from possible damage until the experts begin the official archeological investigation on Tuesday.

This is the second time in just two months that a tomb has been uncovered by accident in the surrounding area of Medellin.

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