Hundreds of union workers in health and education participated Tuesday in a march of city centre, in support of the national strike that began on Monday by agricultural sector.

Moving about Cali yesterday was affected by two large marches, one in the area of Sena de Salomia, in the north and the other by the Hospital Universitario del Valle, in the south.

Rodrigo Arcila, president of the union, the Sindicato de Trabajadores del Sena, said the protest was in support of agricultural and industrial workers on a national strike that started Monday, and also to require the completion of commitments made by the Dirección Nacional del Sena to its workers.

Throughout the country as many as 66 different areas have seen protest marches and rallies. According to the director of the National Polica, Rodolfo Palomino, 46 people have been detained, three of them minors.

“The had blocked some 80 vehicles placing people at risk”, said Palomino.

Source: El País