On Monday, December 17, 2012 the third edition of Barcamp Cali, a Free Culture event organised in the city of Cali, Colombia, by DELM Cali and the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente will take place, with the participation of communities such as Fosschix Colombia, Fundación Casa del Bosque, PrimeCom and Trueque Digital.

You may be wondering what a ‘Barcamp’ is; it’s very simple, it’s a place where knowledge can be shared freely, openly and in a participatory way, on topics related with ICTs [Information and Communication Technologies, en] across voluntary presentations called ‘unconferences’… there are people willing to share what they know and also willing to listen to what others know.

The event has created a buzz among netizens in Cali, who have been tweeting about it, like Luis RoDevia.

What started in 2009 as an option to complement the classes that a school delivered became an Internet phenomenon in no time at all; YouTube channel julioprofe has 82,673 subscribers, being the third-most popular channel in the country on the video-sharing website. His videos have been played more than 35 million times, with users from five continents making up the community behind ‘Profe Julio’.

It is worth pointing out that about 100 people attended the first edition of Barcamp Cali, while some 300 attended the second. The attendance this year is expected to be the same or greater. You can follow news about Barcamp Cali on Facebook, on its Twitter account (@barcampcalico), or under the hashtag #barcampcali3.