The director of the Planning Department of the Municipality of Cali, Oscar Pardo, confirmed the presence of investors from Canada, England, USA and Spain at the business conference to be held on Monday and Tuesday, at the Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico.

The official said that the activity, named  ‘Cali y la Región Pacífico: presente y futuro promisorio’ (Cali and the Pacific region: present and promising future), is an opportunity to show the world that in Cali “we are doing things and have projects of great attraction to investors”.

The city official added that the initiatives are competitive enough to allow investors to initiate feasibility studies of projects.

The planning director said that the investment opportunity the city is proposing is a process and is not tied to conventional forms, rather similar to a “join venture” and a long-term parternship between the two to achieve a common goal.

Pardo emphasized that the city of London has shown interest in finalizing a pilot project, one of about 15 that has received the support of the British government.

According to Pardo, Cali si the first municipality in presenting bidding on “structured” public-private partnerships, with opportunities to create jobs, to promote the city and attract foreign investment, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The conference will take place Monday and Tuesday (November 19 and 20) at the Centro Eventos Valle del Pacífico, on the north side of Cali, starting at 8am. Admission is free.