Starting November, a double-decker bus will start rolling the streets of cali, offering city tours to locals and visitors.

The bus, sits 80 and convertible, will make morning, afternoon and evening trips at a price of 10,000 pesos (about US$5) per person according to Ramiro Jurado, general manage of Coomoepal, owner of the vehice.

The bus will travel the main streets of Cali and focus on the city’s tourist attractions, like the Municipal Theatre, Cultural Centres, the Patinodromo, Coliseo El Puedblo, Bullring and even the Aguablanca district.

The idea is for people to see that a great city Cali is, according to Jurado.

The company plans to offer several tours lasting from one to three hours each. Detailed information on the tours will be available in the coming days  at www.coomoepal and its Facebook page.

“The launch of this new service is to demonstrate the faith in Cali, optimism for the city adn confidence it is moving forward”, Jurado siad, adding that the project is a private initiative with the support of the city council.

The bus is valued at US$400.000 dollars comes with City decor that include photos of Salsa dancers and the Cali Tower – the city’s tallest building at 41 stories and the third highest in Colombia.

For more info you can call 551 1111 or 551 5555 or visit

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