In eight years, Colombia’s third largest city, Cali, will have a new city centre. Called “Cuidad Paraiso” (Paradise City), the project will include modern public spaces, shopping areas and the recovery of various depressed areas of the centre of Cali.

A new urban centre, the headquarters of the Regional Office, the construction of Central Station of the Integrated Mass Transit System (Mio) and the construction of 3,500 homes, are the cornerstones of this project which is being developed in the neighborhoods of San Pascual, El Calvario and Sucre, areas that currently do not offer the best conditions for its inhabitants.

At the heart of the development are three main elements, the new Fiscalía (Attorney General’s Office) building, a commercial mall and a new Mio station, that will establish a new dynamic in the moving of passengers from the Centre to the North, East, West and South fo the citry.

The Attorney General’s Office will be built on land donated by the city of Cali, will house the courts and title transfers, among others, all in one single location. The first phase of the building will be 8.500 square metres.

13aThe new Mio station will cost 32.5 billion pesos and with a footprint of over 58.000 square metres will include shopping, offices and open spaces. The majority of the cost will be borne by Emru and Metrocali.

The developers of Cuidad Paraiso, say the project which will be more than a shopping centre, costing of 14.5 billion pesos and take from 24 to 36 months to build.

The plan includes the buidling of 3.500 homes in Barrio San Pascual, with investment from the private sector.