fDi Intelligence, a division of The Financial Times focused on foreign direct investment (FDI), included Cali and Barranquilla , Colombia in its 2013/14 list of top 10 “major American cities of the future” for FDI strategy. The two Colombian cities are listed among other prominent cities in the Americas, including Toronto, Canada; Chicago, Illinois; and Buenos Aires, Argentina, among others.

Did you know?…

Barranquilla: Named by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals as the “ American Capital of Culture 2013 ,” Barranquilla – Colombia’s fourth largest city – is known as a centre for culture, heritage and diversity.  Barranquilla is also Colombia’s main maritime port city

Cali: Situated in Colombia’s main region for sugar cane and ethanol production, Cali is the third largest city in Colombia and is known as both the capital of the Pacific Coast and salsa. The city is also one of Colombia’s major economic and industrial centres.


In addition to recognizing Barranquilla and Cali, fDi Intelligence also included Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá , as a one of the top 10 cities for business friendliness.

Top 10 Overall American Cities of the Future 2013/14
1 New York, New York, US
2 São Paulo, Brazil
3 Toronto, Ontario Canada
4 Montreal, Quebec Canada
5 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
6 Houston, Texas US
7 Atlanta, Georgia US
8 San Francisco, California US
9 Chicago, Illinois US
10 Miami, Florida US

For more information on the fDi Intelligence rankings, visit: http://bit.ly/16XuyTL