Guillermo Alfono Jaramilllo (Photo: Noticias Uno)

Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro said Monday that his government secretary has resigned to lead a campaign against the impeachment of the mayor in an upcoming referendum.

Government secretary Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo left office to lead the “No” campaign that opposes Petro’s impeachment in a March referendum.

The referendum is one of two ongoing processes to oust the polemic mayor; International Courts and the top Colombian administrative tribunal are studying a recent ruling by the Inspector General’s Office that dismissed Petro and barred him from holding public office for 15 years. A lower court had ordered an immediate suspension to be held off until after the impeachment referendum.

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The referendum to impeach the mayor will be held on March 2 and will require signatures from at least 289,263 registered voters in the country’s capital to say “yes” to the impachment for it to be legally binding..

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Petro appointed current Secretary of Security, Hugo Zarrate, as the new government secretary.


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