The Monserrate church (Photo: Tara Morris)

Bogota city police will step up security measures around the Cerro de Monserrate church, the top tourism attraction of Colombia’s capital, following  mass robbery.

The decision comes after a massive armed robbery on Thursday during which eight armed men robbed ten tourists of their cars, capturing money, jewelry and electronic equipment, newspaper El Espectador reported.

As a consequence the city police reportedly stepped up security measures setting up three additional check-points on the streets leading to the Cerro de Monserrate church.

The Cerro de Monserrate church and lookout hosts thousands of visitors a day, ranging from worshipers, hikers, and tourists.

Commissioned in 1640 by the Governor of the Nuevo Reino de Granada, Mr. Juan de Borga, the church atop the cloud-scraping mountain was built in the name of Monserrate’s Morena Virgin whose sanctuary is located in Barcelona, Spain.

A monastery was later built atop the Bogota mountain, which since then has become a site of pilgrimage for many believers and tourists alike. In fact, it has become a “must see” destination.

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Monserrate church in Bogota


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