An alleged sex-predator, suspected of molesting more than 50 children, was captured in Colombia’s capital Bogota on Monday.

Bogota police found sufficient incriminating material, including a diary of 52 names they believe to be his victims, to label the man a suspected serial child molester, the Prosecution’s office said Monday.

“After conducting a search for the purpose of capturing the place where the man lived, we found a diary in which more than 52 names of victims were found,” Carmen Torres, the Bogota office case director, said.

The suspect faces charges of violent sexual intercourse with a minor of less than 14 years of age. If found responsible for these heinous acts against children, he will serve a prison term of between 12 and 20 years

The police search ultimately yielded a total of 29 pieces of evidence, including child pornography and the aforementioned notebook of alleged victims.

The search for the man transpired following a horrific tip-off from a 10 year old boy, who detailed shocking events and his subsequent trauma to local police.

The young boy told investigators he’d been approached by a man while sweeping the front of his house, blind-folded, threatened at knife-point, uploaded onto a public bus and taken to a local landfill site.

Here, the man allegedly molested the child.

Following this, the man allegedly threatened to kill the boy if he didn’t remain quiet, gave him $3 US dollars, took his underwear and offered him $15 US dollars for another rendezvous under a bridge in five days time.

Another boy, this time just 8 years of age, has come out with claims against the suspect since the investigation has commenced, according to the prosecution’s website.

For now, a local judge ordered the suspect to be held at Bogota’s La Modelo Prison.

The suspect previously served three years for child rape.


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