(Today Colombia) Around 350 female delegates from the different continents are attending the 16th Congress of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF), which will run until Sunday, September 18th in Bogata.

The central Tequendama Hotel is the venue of the event, which is headed by WIDF President, Brazilian Marcia Campos. One of the objectives of the congress will be to support the peace process in Colombia, which is in its final stage.

Bogota was chosen as the venue for the conference in Havana in December 2015, on occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of this global women’s organization.

Several organizations from the Andean nation have been the hosts of the meeting, among them the Association of National Peace and Defense of the Union of Democratic Women, the Union of Democratic Women (subsidiary of WIDF) and the Women’s Department at the Colombian Communist Party.

The international women’s union emerged in 1945 in Paris, after World War II, amid the reconstruction of countries affected by the war. Women and girls in Europe played an important role in this area.

In statements to Voz weekly, the WIDF president said today, Colombia has become the image and hope for the other nations of the world.