Bill Clinton (Photo: World Economic Forum)

Former US president Bill Clinton will return to Colombia to attend a ”Third Way” summit for social democratic politcians in the coastal city of Cartagena on July 1. 

Former heads of state invited to the summit

  • Bill Clinton (US)
  • Tony Blair (UK)
  • Felipe Gonzales (Spain)
  • Ricardo Lagos (Chile)
  • Fernando Cardoso (Brazil)

The ”Third Way” summit will discuss the future potential of the Colombian economy and society, according to Colombia’s W Radio.

Clinton was invited by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos to attend the “Third Way” summit along with other former heads of state; ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, as well as Felipe Gonzalez from Spain, Ricardo Lagos from Chile, and Fernando Henrique Cardoso from Brazil.

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During his first press conference following re-election on June 15, Santos announced his plans for the summit:

“Five leaders that have had great success in their country in the generation of prosperity and the application of the principals of the Third Way, which are the principles that I am applying here in Colombia, are invited,” said the Colombian president.

Clinton’s attendance at the “Third Way” summit on July 1 will conclude his mini international tour that starts in Haiti on June 29, according to Caracol Radio.


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