Belen Park

Belen park has become a meeting point for one of the oldest neighborhoods in Medellin — offering a traditional vibe in a bustling metropolitan city.

The park is situated in the Belen (Bethlehem) neighborhood, located in the southwestern area of Medellin and is accessible by bus from central Medellin.

The square-shaped park, nestled in between local shops and restaurants, offers both convenience and tradition while functioning as a social space for all ages.

Here you will stumble upon an array of authentic Colombian characters; elder citizens playing the Colombian card game “toruro,” children drawing with chalk on the cobblestone and a local artisan waiting patiently to sell her next batch of coffee.

Violet flower beds spread across the park that contrasts the deep-blue benches occupied by locals sipping coffee and eating “chuzo de chorizo,” the popular meat skewers.

Towering trees scattered throughout the park serves as a form of noise reduction and shade on sunlit days.

The park houses the Latin American native tree, Cannonball. This large spectacle only blossoms twice a year and is said to fill the park with a sweet aroma.

Along the right side of the park, sit a few dozen men polishing shoes for a modest charge. Locals enjoy getting their shoes shined while reading the daily newspaper.

In the center of the park stands a statue of one of the greatest South American legacies, Simon Bolivar. The revolutionary is known for his role in the South American independence movement from Spain. He has suffered from a few graffiti strikes but remains intact and continues to oversee the park.

The “Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem,” is also located next to the park and  serves as a beautiful backdrop. It is a must-see for visitors to Belen Park.

Belen Park

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