Enjoy at Bakko’s a great pizza with a spectacular crispy dough and the best selected ingredients to give you a Symphony of sensations.

Enjoy either with a natural drink such as juice or lemonade, traditional or artisanal beers or a unique organic red Chilean wine.
A warm and welcoming atmosphere and the best food awaits you. And if you don’t want pizza, Bakkos also offers pasta, lasagna and salads.

Terrence (Terry) Glennon is your host. His special gift for hospitality will ensure your dining experience will be the best in Cali. Oh, and he speaks English.

Prices are reasonable, the food is excellent and you cannot beat the personal attention. Open from 12-3pm (lunch) and from 6pm to 10pm for dinner. No reservation needed, but call ahead (397-4998) to ask for your favourite table.

Visit Bakkos in Santa Monica, Avenida 7 Norte # 25-20, Cali – a short walk (or taxi ride) from Chipichape mall and Granada.
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