(Photo: 20 Minutos)

A Bogota woman gave birth to a healthy and happy baby early Tuesday morning in the Bogota transit system, according to local news.

An extremely pregnant woman, Luz Alba Triviño, waddled aboard a TransMilenio bus with her husband Michael Quintero Tuesday morning for their daily commute. Before the couple could reach their stop, however, the newest member of the family decided it was time to make an exit.

The bus was able to make a stop in time to allow Triviño and her husband off the bus, where a particularly brave and completely unqualified transit employee was able to assist in the birth.

Directions were reportedly phoned in from a medical team from the Bogota Ministry of Health, and the baby took its first breaths of crisp, smog-filled Bogota air from a stop on the public transit line.

The mother and new baby were then transferred to a hospital in central Bogota by ambulance, where they both received medical attention.  The visibly shaken husband and father, meanwhile, received a number of unwanted high fives and slaps on the back on his way out.

The parents of what could very well be the first ever citizen of the TransMilenio were reportedly given a $245 transit card to use at toll machines, and encouraged to use it at times when they aren’t expecting.


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