Colombian award winning television producer and director Juan Pablo Gaviria has developed Motto Dots, a mobile application that lets people create and share inspirational messages.

Juan Pablo Gaviria was the executive producer of Colombia’s “Survivor” and “X-Factor,” making him a person that knows what it takes to persevere and inspire.

Gaviria won the About.com’s 2013 Best Game & Best Educational App award and created Motto Dots looking to inspire people around the world through its social media friendly platform.

The application allows the creation of customized messages inside “dots” with picture backdrops to be shared through social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Users can write brief messages in colorful and transparent dots. Everything from the color of the dot, to the picture, to the font and size of words are customizable.

Considering that 80% of people have not defined their life goals, according to to Virginia Tech University, Gaviria explains that, “The Motto Dots platform invites people to question their purpose, their day or week, and make a change. A simple phrase may just cause a positive life-altering thought for someone.”

“The core of the app is in its driving ideology: create positive change within ourselves and in turn inspire others around us to change,” says Motto Dots founder Juan Pablo Gaviria. “We wanted to make a platform that wasn’t only for connecting with people or to vent worries and frustrations, but engage a worldwide community into taking positive actions,” he explains.

Gaviria hopes that his experience in producing perhaps the most mentally challenging television competition series can translate to success for this mobile app that allows people to inspire themselves and their friends and family.

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