Representatives of the Colombian Attorney General’s office and the police are investigating the presence of an alleged capo of the Mexican cartel of Sinaloa in the southern department of Nariño, who monitored drug trafficking in that region.

Locals and the Office of the Ombudsman warned about the actions by members of that cartel in cocaine loading zones such as Port Buenaventura, in the southern Valle del Cauca.

According to the El Tiempo newspaper, investigators have not clearly defined the zone where the Mexican drug traffickers supposedly operate. Some sources noted they are based in Ipiales municipality, which is bordering with Ecuador.

Some light aircraft carrying cocaine and money linked to the Sinaloa cartel have been seized in that country.

The theory on the movements of the Mexican capo is linked to a series of homicides committed by late 2012 and early 2013, when 15 people were killed, according to the newspaper.

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