(EFE).- Army troops killed seven FARC guerrillas and captured an eighth in fighting in southwestern Colombia over the weekend, a high-level military commander said.

The dead guerrillas belonged to the 29th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Southwestern Joint Command chief Gen. Leonardo Barrero Gordillo told Efe.

The fighting occurred Saturday in Leyva, a village on the border between Cauca and Nariño provinces, Barrero said in a telephone interview.

The FARC’s 29th Front “plays a big role in the drug trafficking operations” that the guerrilla group carries out in southwest Colombia, the general said.

The front’s fighters are responsible for guarding cocaine shipments in the region, Barrero said.

Most of the cocaine that moves through the region is smuggled into other countries via routes in the Pacific.

The government and the FARC are currently engaged in talks in Havana aimed at ending Colombia’s decades-long internal conflict.

The eighth round of talks ended Friday with the two sides failing to make progress on the issue of land, government negotiating spokesman Humberto de la Calle said.

The two sides will sit down at the negotiating table in Havana for the next round of talks on May 15, the government and FARC said in a joint statement.