(Colombia Reports) Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos said Sunday security forces had total control over the security situation in southwest Colombia, following a string of alleged FARC attacks over the past few days.

“Despite the cowardly terrorist attacks, our public force has total control and protects the population,” said Santos on the social networking site Twitter.

The president’s comment came after alleged FARC guerrillas last week launched a series of attacks in the municipalities of Toribio, Miranda, Argelia and Jambolo, all located in Colombia’s south-western Cauca department.

Some 10 civilians and 5 members of the armed forces were wounded in the accumulated attacks.

According to Colombian newspaper El Espectador, the FARC has attacked Toribio more than 10 times so far this year and, in the past week, the group has increased attacks with home-made mortarts and eplosives.

The Cauca department, a traditional stronghold of the FARC, is considered hard-hit by Colombia’s ongoing armed conflict, partly due to the high amount coca plantations and its strategic importance for drug trafficking, which attracts criminal gangs, neo-paramilitaries and left-wing guerrillas.