Just under 33 million Colombian citizens within the country and abroad will be eligible to vote in the country’s upcoming congressional elections, announced the National Registrar’s Office Thursday.

According to the Registrar’s Office, a total of 32,263,578 Colombians will be able to cast their vote for the March 9th elections at one of 95,055 “tables” distributed across 10,433 voting stations throughout the country, while a remaining 532,384 Colombians living in 75 countries abroad will have access to 304 foreign voting stations.

An additional 160 voting points have been allocated to Colombian prisons.

Only Colombians who have registered their citizen ID card in will be able to participate in March’s elections, which will decide seats in national and statewide legislative houses.

Of the total number of eligible voters this year, 17,043,963 are women and 15,751,999 are men, according to the Registrar’s Office.

The number of eligible voters has grown considerably in comparison to the previous Congress and Parliamentary elections, held in 2010, which had 29.852.099 registered voters— of which 15,499,591 were women and 14,352,508 were men— according to the National Registry.



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