Prime Minister Stephen Harper (left) and Colombia president, Juan Manuel Santos, during Harper’s official visit to Colombia  in 2011. Archive photo.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper (left) and Colombia president, Juan Manuel Santos, during Harper’s official visit to Colombia in 2011. Archive photo.

During a two day exploratory mission, 61 Canadian firms visited Colombia to meet with new potential suppliers of goods and services across major urban centers, including Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Armenia and Pereira. The event is part of a strategy to present new business opportunities for Canadian companies under the umbrella of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia.

The event “Discover Colombia” organized by Proexport Colombia, included site visits and inspections to over 70 facilities in Colombia. These facilities have the capacity to export non-traditional products and services such as the agribusiness, apparel, services and manufacturing sectors.

“This event positions Colombia as the number one supplier of goods and services in the region, upholding the advantages of the FTA between Canada and Colombia. Colombia relies on an industry that has flexibility in quantity, top quality and competitive prices. Our qualified labour and strategic geographic location are some of the highlights that Canadian companies have discovered during this visit,” stated Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport Colombia.

Canadian firms had the opportunity of inspecting an array of products geared towards their specific needs. For instance, in Bogota, attendees visited suppliers of uniforms, auto parts, building materials, packaging, fruits and legumes, animation services, video games and mobile applications. In Medellin, site visits focused on well-known textiles companies; in Cali, emphasis was made on bakery and confectionary products, as well as processed fruits and herbs; lastly, in Armenia and Pereira, specialized coffee suppliers had the opportunity of showcasing their products.

Discover Colombia promotes the advantages of free trade between Colombia and Canada which continues to generate significant trade opportunities between the two nations. According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, non-mining related exports from Colombia to Canada reached US$224.4 million, equalling an increase of 19% compared to previous years.

The South American nation continues to generate interest from Canadian companies, who are now looking to that region to fulfill their needs for high quality and innovative products and services, all with a flexible and fast turnaround. Discover Colombia isn’t the only platform to learn more about the business opportunities, Proexport Colombia will present the country’s business opportunities in the upcoming Macrorueda 50 from February 19th& 20th, 2014, gathering over 2000 suppliers in a variety of sectors.

About Proexport Colombia:
Proexport Colombia is the governmental entity in charge of supporting non-traditional exports (non-mining/energy related) as well as the promotion of Colombia as an international investment and tourism destination. Proexport Colombia offers free support and consultancy for business enterprises through its regional, national and international offices, located in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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