(Photo: Noticias Colombia)

Five people were arrested for the murder last year of German native Cheistan Friedeman Taschner in central Colombia, among them his wife and two alleged lovers, local media reported Thursday.

After an investigation over eight months by the Prosecutor General’s technical investigation team, the team’s National Director Luis Gonzalez Leon revealed on Wednesday the results. They concluded the September 2013 murder of Taschner was not committed by members of the FARC, as Taschner’s spouse had claimed.

Colombia’s Semana newsmagazine reported that investigators had concluded the murder was a “crime of passion.”

“The investigation gathered evidence and materials from which one deduces that the most probable hypothesis of what surrounded this homicide involved passionate and economic motives,” Leon said.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of seven individuals, among them Taschner’s wife and her two unidentified alleged lovers. Two arrest warrants remain outstanding.

Taschner was found dead by police on September 21, 2013 with several stab wounds. The body was discovered in the Villa Laura estate in the central Colombian municipality of Armero-Guayabal  in Tolima state, according to Semana.

Taschner’s wife reported that several armed men had entered their property and tied up Taschner, later killing him with a bladed weapon.

Authorities ruled out early on that the event was a robbery, as the supposed killers took nothing from the house, Semana reported.

The Munich native worked in telecommunications, and before his death had lived in Colombia over 16 years, according to Colombia’s Caracol Radio.


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