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An overwhelming 300 women and girls from the central Colombian city of Bucaramanga donated their hair for cancer patients, an initiative supported by soccer star Radamel Falcao.

The mass wig donation was spearheaded by local Health Secretary Claudia Mercedes Amaya who had called for hair donations so that the city would have wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair in chemotherapy.

Falcao supported the initiative and donates bracelets for each participant and a signed t-shirt that will be given to one of the participating women through a raffle.

Wigs are expensive and not covered by Colombia’s main health insurance companies.

However, the Bucaramanga health secretary said the action exceeded all expectations and the local “wig bank” can now provide female cancer patients with free wigs.

“There are women who do not undergo chemotherapy to not lose their hair,” Amaya told W Radio, explaining why the event was organized.

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