Venezuelans block main Colombia border crossing

Posted on Aug 8 2014 - 11:43am by Today News
(Photo: La Nacion)

Venezuelans have been blocking the main bridge connecting Colombia and Venezuela since Thursday, putting a halt to trade between the neighboring countries. 

Hundreds of people gathered Thursday near the international bridge Francisco de Paula Santander, which connects the Colombian cityof Cucuta with Urena, the border town on the Venezuelan side.

The blockades are a response to a public service crisis in Urena. Protesters demand the presence of the local governor to solve the crisis.

“Everything is failing us. We don’t have electricity, we lack water, and gas comes every two or three months,” Freddy Flores, representing the Community Council in Urena, told Caracol Radio.

Residents have made a number of claims to improve living in the city and submitted them to the Venezuelan National Guard, expecting the requests to be delivered to appropriate authorities. Meanwhile dozens of vehicles remain blocking the border bridge.

According to Venezuelan newspaper La Nacion, residents expressed that this is the first public protest, and if they are not heard they will go on a general strike with participation of local business folk.

Cucuta border crossing


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