Suspect in murder of Colombia journalist released on grounds of self-defense

Posted on Aug 26 2014 - 2:43pm by Today News
Luis Eduardo Cardozo Estrada (Photo: Facebook)

The sole suspect in the murder of a well-known journalist was released on Monday, after a judge decided that he had acted in self-defense.

Steven Ayala Murillo was acquitted for the murder of Luis Eduardo Cardoza after investigations revealed that both men were involved in a fight apparently instigated by Cardozo, according to reports by El Espectador.

Police arrested 22 year old Murillo, a workman employed by Cardozo, at the time of the attack on suspicion of murder and theft of a mobile phone.

According to Cali authorities, police were called to Cardozo’s apartment in Prada del Norte after neighbors complained about strange noises. Cardozo was found with a fractured skull and taken to a clinic in northern Cali, where he later died. Murillo offered no resistance to police when arrested, reported El Pais.

Murillo’s lawyer stated that shortly after his client arrived at the apartment to start work, the two men had an argument which culminated in Cardozo biting the young man on the arm and hitting him on the head. Murillo responded by hitting Cardozo with a porcelain ornament which served the fatal blow.

Murillo was accompanied to the court hearing by his parents when he was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense.

Cardozo, 65, was a well-known journalist and the first Valle del Cauca citizen to win the esteemed Simon Bolivar national award for Journalism. He had a radio career spanning 40 years working for RCN, Caracol, and Colmundo Radio. Before his death he was acting director of Toledar radio station.

Cardozo’s murder was widely publicized not only due to his respected position in the Colombian journalism world, but because it came close on the heels of the murder of journalist Carlos Cervantes. Cervantes was gunned down in Taraza on 12th August of this year in apparent retribution for his work reporting on local corruption.

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Since 1992, 41 Colombian journalists have been targeted and  killed in direct reprisal for their work, according to a Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)  factsheet. Another 33 have been murdered, their deaths labeled “motive unconfirmed,” pending further investigation by the committee. These numbers exclude journalists who were killed in crossfire or on dangerous assignments. 56% of the slain journalists were investigating corruption.

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