Petro listed among top 8 mayors in the world despite 58% disapproval rating

Posted on Aug 20 2014 - 1:43pm by Today News
Gustavo Petro (Photo: La Patria)

The Huffington Post named Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro as one of their eight “favorite mayoral characters” in the world  on Tuesday, despite the fact his disapproval rating remains at 58% in Colombia’s capital.

The Huffington Post praised Petro’s leadership as someone who could possibly help bring an end to Colombia’s 50-year armed conflict; however, more than half of Bogota’s population believe that the city is getting worse, according to newspaper El Tiempo.

A poll conducted by international research agency Datexco revealed that Petro’s disapproval rating has increased by 13 points from 45% to 58% since July.

Huffington Post claimed that Petro is of eight mayors in the global community who are “transforming their cities with flair and enthusiasm.”According to a report by the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Bogota is considered at high risk for “terrorism, non-residential crime, and political violence.”

The Bogota mayor was kicked out of office in December, 2013 due to alleged “irregularities” that were uncovered in his attempts to transfer the city’s privatized garbage collection system into public hands. This resulted in almost 10,000 tons of uncollected garbage in the streets of Bogota.

Petro was later re-instated by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, following a court order.

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Gustavo Petro was an active member of the urban guerrilla movement, M-19, when he held his first elected post in 1981.

He was arrested in 1985 and spent 18 months in prison after being captured by Colombia’s National Army for illegal weapons possession.

Petro returned to politics once again in 1991 and helped to rewrite Colombia’s Constitution, and has been active in politics ever since.

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