Entire town must relocate in northwestern Colombia

Posted on Aug 13 2014 - 12:33pm by Today News
(Photo: Ingenieros Militares)

A town in northern Colombia is so afflicted by landslides that it has been named a high risk area, and  must be relocated, local media reported Monday.

Olaya is the smallest municipality in the state of Antioquia, and four months ago it became even smaller. A landslide swept through the town of 3,000 in late April, transforming kitchens and living rooms into sink pits and collapsing entire homes. A total of 41 homes and 13 families were affected, according to reports by El Espectador.

Continuing landslides have led local officials to conclude that the town must be relocated, according to national newspaper El Colombiano. Neira Acevedo, Olaya’s Secretary of Planning, confirmed the relocation and said it had to be done within six to eight years.

“So far we don’t know what will happen to the people. They told us that we were going to relocate, but we will not go until they have already built the new homes,” said resident Carmen Lidia Jaramillo

Another local added, “after so many years of living in Olaya, it seems incredible that it will disappear.”

Acevedo has found a new location for the town, and they will begin the construction of 22 new homes in addition to municipal buildings .


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