Colombia’s inspector general requests to block proceedings against ‘peace talks hacker’

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 11:02am by Today News
Alejandro Ordoñez

Colombia’s Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez has requested to block a lawsuit against the hacker accused of wiretapping the Colombian president and the peace talks between the government and the country’s largest rebel group, the FARC.

At the request of former president and current Senator Alvaro Uribe, Ordoñez requested the halt in proceedings because Uribe didn’t trust the handling of the case by Prosecutor General Eduardo Montealagre, Colombia’s Noticias Uno reported on Sunday.

Uribe asked Ordoñez for special surveillance over the case and requested that he appoint special agents and attorneys to participate in the case against the accused hacker, Andres Sepulveda.

Sepulveda was arrested for spying on behalf of former presidential candidate, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who was Uribe’s choice for president in last June’s elections.

The hacker was accused of spying on President Juan Manuel Santos’ re-election campaign as well as the peace talks between the FARC and the government in Havana, Cuba.

On July 23, Sepulveda was transferred from his cell in Bogota’s La Picota prison to a bunker in the Prosecutor General’s Office for “safety reasons.”

It was later revealed that a weapon had been smuggled into the prison, and money had allegedly changed hands in order to assassinate Sepulveda.

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Death threats have also been made against the hacker’s family who have been put under 24-hour surveillance by the Colombian National Police.


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