Colombia cement company receives prestigious Social Responsibility Award

Posted on Aug 29 2014 - 3:13pm by Today News
Cement Argos

Cement company Argos became the first national business in Colombia’s history to win the prestigious Social Responsibility Award, recognizing the company’s “successful implementation of activities that generate positive effects in society, the economy, and the environment.”

The award, given every two years by the Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry in partnership with the Latin American Development Bank, seeks to highlight Latin American companies in the construction industry.

The internationally prestigious award recognizes companies “who create clear goals of sustainability in social, environmental and economic dimensions, who create alliances with public and private institutions in order to develop activities that benefit the community, and who constantly seek alternative solutions to the sustainability of their operations,” according to an Argos press release.

Upon receiving the award, Argos president Jorge Mario Velasquez described the commitment to “integrating social, environmental and economic interests” as a “pillar” of the company’s future growth strategy.

Argos has around 11,000 employees, 318 factories, and actively participates in 27 construction markets around the world.

The Colombian cement company’s share price has grown 11.68% since May, according to the Colombian Stock Exchange.


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