Starbucks opening in Colombia’s capital stirs social media

Posted on Jul 19 2014 - 10:28am by Today News

In a well-known coffee country, opening a coffee shop could be like adding a drop of water to the ocean, but people in Bogota couldn’t wait to stand in an atrociously long line at the first-ever Starbucks to open in Colombia.

Just like any other place in the world, people were sharing their experiences via social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook exploded with puns, memes, and jokes about the major launch, which is Starbucks’ only store in the world to sell locally sourced coffee.

That’s right, long lines for the same coffee as the man in the street cart sells on the corner.

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The store in Bogota is just one of what will become 50 stores across Colombia, which just means this type of extreme launch might become a trend until Starbucks in Colombia is no longer a radical idea.

Here’s some of the best that social media had to offer for this opening:

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