Colombia takes to New York to promote its growing tech sector

Posted on Jul 25 2014 - 11:12am by Today News
Cultivando Futuro is a mobile app helping farmers connect to new markets. (Photo: Cultivando Futuro)

With the launch of the “Colombia Bring IT On” campaign, the virtues of Colombia’s technology sector are being promoted in New York City this July 23 and 24, according to Canada’s CNW newswire.

The two-day event was aimed at bringing together Colombian government agencies with technology buyers from the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, reported the CNW newswire.

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Colombia’s IT Minister Diego Molano Vega told the Wall Street Journal that Colombia didn’t want to just become “the Silicon Valley of Latin America.”

“We want to be the leading country in terms of reducing poverty [with the use of technology],” he said.

Colombian tech experts develop app to help farmers

Whether the promotional blitz  is successful or not, Colombia is already making products and companies at home with exactly that goal.

One app that helps combat economic uncertainty is Cultivando Futuro, an app developed in 2013 to helps farmers in central Colombia check weather, get market prices and most importantly, connect with potential clients for their agricultural products.

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“We came up with this idea at ['Startup Weekend, English Version'] partly inspired by the farmers strikes that were sweeping Colombia at that time,” said Cultivando Futuro co-founder Alexander Santana in a 2013 interview with Colombia Reports.

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The idea is relatively simple: farmers use a smart phone to connect with restaurants and wholesalers at the other end of the supply chain. This direct connection allows farmers to cut out the ‘middle man’ and market their goods directly. They also receive live weather updates and commodity prices.

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In 2013 Colombia had 1,800 registered software development and IT service companies whose combined sales totaled nearly US$3.2 billion, according to Information Technology and Communications Minister Diego Molano Vega, reported the CNW newswire.


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