Colombia ranked 4th in FIFA classifications

Posted on Jul 17 2014 - 10:06am by Today News
(Photo: Federacion Colombiana de futbol)

After a stunning performance in the 2014 World Cup games, Colombia shot up to fourth place in the FIFA rankings, beating Brazil by three spots, local media reported on Thursday.

Colombia moved up four places in the FIFA rankings with a point total of 1,491.78 after making it to the quarterfinals in the international competition that ended last weekend, the official FIFA world ranking reported.

Colombia previously took home FIFA’s fair play award on Sunday, presented to the team with the cleanest disciplinary record.

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Germany, four time World Cup champions, clinched the top spot with 1,724 points according to the official FIFA rankings, followed by Argentina and the Netherlands with 1,606 and 1,496 points respectively, who similarly had impressive performances in the World Cup.

The competition produced large changes in the FIFA rankings, with former powerhouse teams such as Spain sliding from first to eighth place with 1,229 points and host country Brazil falling three places to seventh with 1,241 points. Even Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t save Portugal from falling seven places in the rankings to 11th place with 1,148 points, FIFA reported.

Spain had been at the top of the FIFA list since September 2011.

To amass the rankings, FIFA took into account the results of 111 international matches, 64 of them during the World Cup, 46 friendlies, and one Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) game, Colombia’s El Espectador newspaper reported.

The Colombian team tweeted their fourth place success early Thursday morning.

“Following the historic performance in Brazil 2014, Colombia is located in the fourth place position of the FIFA ranking with 1,492 points.”

Responses on Twitter showed the ongoing pride that Colombian citizens feel for their national team, despite a tough loss to Brazil in the quarterfinals that ended the nation’s dream of a World Cup championship this year.

“Thank you, team. I’m proud of you and of being Colombian,” one user wrote on Thursday echoing the voices of many.


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