Canada recruits Colombia’s best bilingual tech professionals

Posted on Jul 15 2014 - 8:23am by Today News

An agency in charge of economic development in Quebec City, Canada, has begun a virtual campaign to recruit Colombia’s most talented bilingual Information Technology (IT)  professionals.

Through August 7, Colombians proficient in French who are interested in working in Quebec can gain access to employment opportunities made available by Quebec International, according to Colombia’s financial magazine Dinero.

Quebec International proposed the initiative to recruit highly qualified Colombians to work in the IT sector and other fields involving the development of applications and programs.

The companies interested in employing Colombian tech experts are Abacus, CGI, GDG, Nurun, TelDig, and Optel Vision.

According to Quebec International, Colombians are sought after for their professional skills, their ease in adapting to different cultures, and their interest in foreign languages, reported Dinero.

One incentive for Colombians to make the nearly 3,000 mile trek to Canada is that Quebec City is known for its good working conditions, quality of life, and access to free public services such as health and education.

If a candidate is selected to progress to the next round, it is the responsibility of the Quebec employer to take charge of the legal processes required for Colombian nationals to gain a temporary Canadian work permit.


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