Colombia’s army to close most social media accounts for ‘reorganization’

Posted on Jun 6 2014 - 6:03am by Today News
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Colombia’s army ordered a temporary shut down of the social media accounts of the fighting force starting June 3, national media announced Thursday.

Colombia’s Semana newsmagazine revealed that a ‘secret’ communicate released on the social media by the ex president Alvaro Uribe, the Army’s Department of Strategy and Communication ordered all divisions to close the social media accounts.

The ex-president accused the army’s decision saying that ‘terrorism is defeating us without knowing.’

Uribe’s accusation, apparently alluding that transparency is being violated, was met by an  immediate response from the country’s army who released a statement Thursday explaining the reasons behind the decision of shutting down the social media accounts of the army.

“It is reiterated that the Force (army) is respectful of democracy and the decisions Colombians take and it does so through vocation, determination(…),” the Army responded on the official webpage.

The army said the decision to shut down the social media accounts temporarily is to reorganize the communication department in order to provide a better service and better interaction with the followers.

This, the army said, does not mean that officials will have to close their personal account and not all army’s official accounts will be closed. According to the statement, there will be a few accounts still functioning during the reorganization, such as the commander’s and the army’s official account.


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