Police capture son of wanted mafia leader in northern Colombia

Posted on May 9 2014 - 9:18pm by Today News
Pacho' Figueroa,son of 'Marquitos' Figueroa. (Photo: El Heraldo)

The son of one of Colombia’s most wanted criminal leaders was captured  by National Police on Thursday, national media reported.

The Police announced the capture of Marcos Francisco Figueroa, alias ‘Pacho’, son of Marcos Figueroa Garcia, alias “Marquitos Figueroa” – known drug trafficker and one of Colombia’s most wanted men — in the country’s northern state of La Guajira, El Tiempo reported.

A number of relatives of Pacho allegedly belong to the same criminal gang of Marquitos Figueroa, were also captured during the operation.

Colombia’s Director of the National Police, General  Rodolfo Palomino, said that Pacho had committed numerous crimes alongside his father, and is responsible for a double homicide he committed as a member of the illegal organization, according to El Tiempo.

According to Palomino, “Francisco Figueroa has a lot of debt with the justice,” Caracol Radio reported.

Alias Marquitos Figueroa is one of the most wanted criminals on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, accused of committing various crimes, including murder.  The is a criminal leader has alleged ties to recently indicted governor of La Guajira, “Kiko” Gomez.

Gomez was arrested in October 2013 on charges of murder and collusion with paramilitary groups and criminal gangs in the remote northern state.

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President Juan Manuel Santos recently announced that the government will offer a reward up to $133,000 for any information that would lead to the capture of Marquitos Figueroa.

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Outspoken Senator-elect Claudia Lopez told Colombia Reports that Marquitos Figueroa had ordered her assassination, which prompted her to flee the country in 2013. She added that Figueroa had close ties to former governor Gomez.

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According to El Tiempo newspaper, intelligence reports reveal that alias “Marquitos Figueroa” is hiding in the settlement Los Cuchicheros, La Guajira, with the help of indigenous locals, where he is protected by more than a hundred armed men.


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