Over 200 indigenous threatened in southern Colombia: UN reports

Posted on May 1 2014 - 7:58pm by Today News
(Photo: Los Mundos de Hachero)

The United Nations reported Thursday that 247 indigenous people from Colombia’s southern state of Putumayo have received threats, according to local media. 

Although the suspected perpetrators have not yet been made public, the UN denounced the precarious conditions under which Colombia’s indigenous from Putumayo live. Those indigenous who were threatened had to leave their homes.

More than 200 indigenous members of the indigenous Nasa community have been displaced, now living in the village’s local school, medical center, and community center, all in poor conditions.

A woman from the Nasa indigenous community was killed recently, according to El Colombiano newspaper, and similar communities keep receiving threats, displacing families by the hundreds.

The UN added that these displaced people from Nasa are in urgent need of water, food, health care, accommodations and education, according to El Colombiano.

“Considering that the fear for their leaders’ well being persists,  this concentration is expected to be prolonged if effective actions for prevention and protection are not taken” concluded the UN.


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