Colombia navy rescues 130 from ship set adrift in Pacific Ocean

Posted on May 6 2014 - 8:47pm by Today News
(Photo: Colombian Navy)

The Colombian Navy said Tuesday it had rescued more than 130 passengers from a disabled ship 22 miles from the Pacific coast.

The ill-fated vessel, “Frank Luis,” was en-route from Satinga in the southwestern state of Nariño to Buenaventura in the Valle del Cauca state when the ship was set adrift due to a mechanical failure, Colombian media reported on Tuesday.

The Frank Luis, which had embarked at 1PM on Sunday, was discovered by the crew of the “Cabo Corrientes” after receiving an emergency distress call on Monday.

Upon locating the crippled ship, the navy towed the Frank Luis 17 miles to Gorgona Island where those passengers in need were given first aid.

The passengers were then taken to the Colombian Coast Guard station in Buenaventura and were given additional medical attention.

According to reports, the cause of the mechanical failure was a ruptured shaft line.

Among the 130 people rescued including passengers and crew were two pregnant women and 31 minors.

Last year, the Colombian Navy rescued 292 people from 35 shipwrecks.

Location of the rescue operation


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